The Baking Challenge

The Baking Challenge

Well, it looks like I’ve gotten in over my head! I’ve joined the Tuesdays with Dorie group and soon will have a new challenge – baking. I’ve never been a baker especially since I’ve spent my life until recently as a dancer. Needless to say you don’t keep thin eating cake. No, you really don’t. Protein and veggies have been the focus of my diet, and not much of those foods either. But I really think that with moderation baked goods can be enjoyed, you just have to stay disciplined. Plus I really think one’s life goes in stages, so I guess I’m entering a new level – baking!

Suddenly this past Christmas I caught the “let’s bake some Christmas cookies bug”. This little challenge was so pleasing, the results so delicious, that I got hooked. I found that if I approached baking with a calm, meditative demeanor, that even when things seemed to be going wrong I could handle the worry and read the recipe over and figure out what wasn’t right and fix it. So relaxation is the key, in my opinion, to successful baking – and some good luck never hurts.

Soon I’ll be posting my experiences following assigned recipes from the Baking with Julia book that TWD group is going to start in February. My blog posts are bound to get more interesting as soon as I am comfortable and understand more about how to add photos, etc. to my page so please bear with me as I navigate my way around wordpress.

Until then, cheers, and here’s to happy baking in 2012!